Educational Psychology Service Level Agreement

Education Psychology teamEmail: If your school has children with assisted or adopted status, our specialist service can work directly with these children to help them learn by the means allocated. Schools fund our services on the following budgets: The municipality funds the service for a number of priority and legal activities as part of the education, health and care needs assessment process. These activities are carried out at no additional cost in publicly funded schools in Northamptonshire. This represents the local offer of the service described in the following document. We are aware of the constraints that schools face as a result of funding and we have developed some innovative solutions for the financing of our service. We provide legal services to the local authority. These include psychological counselling as part of a legal assessment process, advice to local inclusion forum teams (LIFTS) and crisis assistance for schools. The legal functions are not charged, they are paid directly by the municipal administration. We also offer a number of personalized services, including training sessions, interventions, projects, evaluation, research and expanded service commissions. Schools and recruitments can be ordered directly by the Department of Education Psychology through a Service Level Contract (SLA). The following document contains more information about the support we offer. The personal budgets of education, health and care plans give parents the freedom to control the services listed in the plan. When parents and schools work together to command external services, the common approach to raising a child or youth is strengthened.

Schools, including providers in the early years, and post-16 recruitments may also be commissioners. Schools have a fictitious SEN budget and many schools will sponsor services (such as linguistics and linguistics, pastoral care and counselling) to help students. Please complete the Servicerequest form (DOCX, 134.5 KO) if you wish to request a service from the Psychology (EP) education team for the 2019/20 academic year.

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