Literary Agent Agreement Template

Ancillary rights may include foreign publishing rights, first and second series, film, television, radio, audio, dramatic performances, transitions and all other rights broken down by geographic area. The key is to understand the rights you give the agent to represent him. Guarantees, representations and compensation Agency agreements sometimes contain guarantees, insurance and compensation from the author to the agency, similar to those contained in the publication contracts. NOTE ON THE AUTHORS: Don`t sign an unfair contract or something you don`t understand, no matter who offers it to you or whatever you want to get an agent. Some agencies will insist that they are entitled to commissions when they have submitted the author`s work to the final publishing house, even if they have not negotiated the fundamental terms of the publication contract. The author should refuse to compensate the Agency in these circumstances. Remember that if another agent is retained after the fact and does negotiate the agreement, that agency is generally entitled to its own commissions. A fair compromise, when the original agent has submitted the work, is to give that agent an additional period (up to six months from the termination date) to essentially negotiate a contract for that manuscript. The agency agreement should also give the author the right to require a list of places where the Agency submitted the author`s manuscript; When an agency insists on obtaining standing orders from transactions negotiated during the agency`s duration but which have not been concluded, the author should receive at least one list of publishers to whom the Agency submitted the book. You need to understand the role of The Day in your career. Finally, after almost giving up, a literary agent has expressed an interest in representing you and your book. The agency will be the registration agent for the life of the project and will irrevocably retain 15% of all revenues relevant to the project sold. The agency commission payable also applies to all sales of subsidiary rights of the project, whether they are sold by the agent, author or publisher.

In the event that the Agency uses a sub-agent and the sub-agent receives a commission, the Agency`s commission will be 10% and the sub-agent`s commission will not exceed 10%. An agent`s goal is to obtain a publication contract to produce a printed volume in English. But there are many other rights that are enshrined in the representation agreement and, ultimately, in each publication contract.

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