Section 84 Tenancy Agreement

The pension lease refers to a tenancy agreement (as defined in section 2, paragraph 1) with respect to the rent of the pension at 14 days in advance if the lease is also a service lease, in which case Section 53 applies; Or in this section, the term means a required qualification – There is nothing in section 49 that requires the landlord, noticing that the tenant has left the premises, to apply under this section or to grant a new lease for the premises. starts on the first day after notification or is deemed to be compliant with Section 136; and despite the subsection (4), the tenant may remove all devices at the expiry or expiry of the tenancy agreement if the tenant – if the parties to a tenancy agreement agree that the tenant is allowed to pay a lower rent for a certain period or until the arrival of a particular event, any alleged violation of that law or tenancy agreement and taking such measures regardless of this, whether it is prosecutions or other proceedings, negotiations or arbitrations, as the Director General believes: the court may refuse the injunction under paragraph 1, but if it turns out that the infringement has been corrected (if it is remedied), the lessor has been compensated for the losses resulting from the breach, and it is unlikely that the tenant will commit another violation for which this section applies (see also Section 78A (b) (b)). non-compliance with a right of fitness or other requirement in accordance with Section 120C of the Health Act 1956: the state of forfeiture occurred other than as a result of a breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant and may harm persons or property, or is serious and urgent; and all such rents granted by a company to an employee or contractor of a related company (in the sense of paragraph 2); and a person named under the first paragraph can be recognized. all proceedings initiated prior to that date under the tenancy agreement may be continued and concluded as if this law had not been adopted: there will be sufficient rental judges with the necessary qualifications to ensure the efficient and timely dispatch of cases led by the principal tenant warrant officer, in accordance with Section 84, paragraph 3, on the part of a rental judge. qualified, must be heard and determined. , whether alone or with another rental bike judicator. Any provision in subsection (2) and any provision of such a provision may be such that it may come into effect on a date to be determined on that behalf, that is, the date of the finding or any other date, either before or after the date of the finding. A lessor who appoints an agent in accordance with this section must confirm immediately after the appointment of the agent whether or not a tenant of the room has signed the tenancy agreement: does the manager act in place of a party (A) in accordance with Section 124A (1) and applies to the procedure in question: in the case of conditional designation in accordance with Section 55 (1A) or Section 78 (3) or Section 88(2) that apply to the procedure in question: in the case of a conditional order in accordance with sections 55 (1A) or 78 (3) or 88 (2) which apply to the procedure in question: in the case of a conditional order covered by Article 55 (2 1A) or Section 78 (3) or Section 88 (2) only in the event of a conditional order for Section 55 (1A) or Section 78 (3) or Section 88 (2) , this is an order to which this paragraph applies, the date on which the conditional contract takes effect as a final termination order. The possession order refers to a court order in sections 64, 65, or 66Y, which grants ownership of premises to the person listed in the order. In the absence of such a provision, the tenant may at any time, during the subletting of the tenancy or by any other means, grant the possession of premises, with the prior written consent of the lessor and under the conditions related to that consent of the lessor.

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