Siaec Collective Agreement

Your Union is pleased to note that this is the first time that a collective agreement has been concluded within the ESA before the current agreement expires. “When the unions were informed that ESA management had begun to inform employees that they could be removed, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the unions took decisive action and intervened to put an end to the company`s new measures until an agreement could be reached. (3) For employees who reached 62 years of age before January 1, 2013, all clauses in this agreement, with the exception of the corresponding position/grade/title and salary, apply to these re-employees: this is what happens after agreements have been reached with the Union of Engineers and Engineers and Executives of SIA, the Singapore Airlines Staff Union and the Air Transport Executive Staff Union, according to SIA Engineering. SIA Engineering expects to save $1 million per month ($687,000) after agreeing with unions that employees will not take pay leave. 4. Current difficult environment The importance of this service increment agreement should be mentioned in particular. The company proposed to apply the same service increment rate for 2013 as the previous year, due to a challenging business environment and strong competition, resulting in significantly lower returns, and persistent high fuel prices. However, their union noted that the joint introduction of our Towards Optimal Productivity (TOP) staff productivity initiative for ground staff has yielded positive results for both the company and employees. Currently, 5 divisions of the company have undergone restructuring and reorganization of employment that have resulted in 23 promotions based on skills for employees and productivity improvements for the company. The Workplace Improvement and Innovation Scheme (WINS) also presented a dozen awards, which were presented in recognition of ideas for improving and improving staff processes. The company, recognizing the efforts of employees to improve their workplace contributions and increase productivity in the ranks, was convinced that there was reason to pay for a relatively higher service increase for 2013. The Union looks forward to seeing more of its staff participate in THE TOP initiatives, so that the company and staff can remain relevant and competitive.

With these joint efforts of all parties to improve overall productivity, the Union would be in a better position and have the leverage to negotiate better terms.

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