Wedding Agreement Di Bioskop Malang

WEDDING AGREEMENT The film is released from August 8, 2019 to September 16, 2019, Makassar – In front of Eid al-Adha 2019 and the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, one of Starvision Plus`s production houses presented its latest film to the public. The title of the film is a marriage contract. Watch the recap of Wedding Agreement, the last film released in August 2019 about marriage after a matchmaking. “The religious content of this film is filled with not condescending, but hit. God wants this film to invite us to know Hijra`s journey, it is important to observe all those who want or are married,” he said. Wedding Arrangement Written by Mia Chuz and edited by Archie Hekagery. Answer requested to see the films of no gak gak .. I`d say yes! OK buddy, here is the calendar of the latest film Ciputra World XXI cinema that today, Sunday and soon (soon) the official page of the kind of romantic drama faced with an evolution of Islamic values, the marriage contract of the film with Indah Permatasari, Refal Hady and Aghniny Haque. “I couldn`t find a title suitable for the Indonesian language for this film. I`m sorry if the title is in English, but please don`t question the title. But enjoy the story, hopefully entertain you all “, Chand Parwez, Starvision producer, said before that the film at the gala premiere at the XXI Epicentrum Kuningan cinema South Jakarta Indo film nuances Korean nuances make the man who does not participate as Indo movies in this daebakk movie??? Thursday (22/8/2019) dingWed Agreement players visited the cinema at lippo crangika Shopping Center. The strategy of publishing religious drama in front of Eid al-Adha seems to be working.

Earlier, Parwez expressed optimism that the public was happy with the marriage deal., Jakarta Film Wedding Agreement, released Thursday (8.8.2019), continue to sneak local films. On the first day of the screening, lead actor Refal Hady and Indah Permatasari reached 70,000 spectators. Monday (19.08.2019) tomorrow, Wedding Agrement has more than 644 thousand spectators. The audience for wedding contracts continues to grow at the end of the Hollywood Summer Parade.

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